On this site you’ll discover insights I have experienced to hopefully give you a short cut on the journey of life. How you see and connect with life is the most important thing in the world. Connect within, to that which you sense as Life and Truth.

Do not be satisfied with an intellectual explanation or roadmap of life.  Rather, experience your Life. Enter into and live your Life. The intellect cannot be the master of your Essence. The intellect can only witness this magic and mystery within you… which is You. The intellect witnesses what Is. The intellect enters into what Is.

There is so much more to you than your thoughts, emotions and behaviours.

Remember, inner wounds which are composed of lies and pain and which are the result of having experienced lovelessness can and will blind you to the truth about yourself, others and the Creator. Do not let these wounds rob you of your Life and relationships. Do not let these wounds inflict further damage. Make the cycle stop here!

If this resonates with Truth within you, then hold on to that Truth. Nurture your awareness of and connection to Truth. You will know Truth. You have that capacity deep within you. Truth needs to align with Love, Gentleness, Personhood, Presence, Peace, Reverence, Communion, Connection, Existence, Harmony, Autonomy and Amness. This is what I refer to as Being, Realities of Being, Center or Spirit.  I invite you on this journey of awareness.  Surrender to acceptance of your Self, as you are, here and now.

You are Accepted.


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