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Dr. Dennis Murphy is completing a life-changing series of books on spiritual healing, awareness and personal growth.

Heal Through the Power of Awareness:

Confront the Root Causes of Depression, Anxiety, Addiction, Anger, Shame, Fear and Stress so You Can End the Pain and Start Living an Exceptional Life.

Awareness is a powerful process which is often overlooked. The process of awareness is not complicated. Awareness is a gift and simple to learn. Awareness is for everyone. Awareness enables a person to grow in who they Are and Be who they Are. Awareness enables healing of inner wounds. Inner wounds and lack of awareness of who you Are block experiencing life to the full. Inner wounds result from lack or absence of love and/or abuse especially if experienced as a child. 

Awareness allows living life from a space of integration and harmony rather than from the automatic intellectual and emotional functioning associated with inner wounds and societal programming. Awareness shines a light on these automatic, unconscious, engrained and programmed ways of existing. Awareness makes choice possible. Awareness nurtures Presence in the moment. Awareness allows a new way of living. Awareness allows and nurtures Being. Being is Love, Life, Existence, Presence and Truth. Being is, existing in and living from who you Are. Being is, existing in and living from Love, Life, Presence, Existence and All that is uniquely You.

Heal Through the Power of Being:

Understand How Childhood Experiences, Wounds and Trauma Affect Present-day Thoughts, Emotions and Behaviour. Discover a Path to Peace, Love, Truth and Existence.

Awareness of Being is essential in the work of inner healing. It is only from the solidity of Being you will be able to face the inner pain of lovelessness and confront the lies of lovelessness. Take the time to become aware of Being. If you want to begin the work of inner healing, if possible and as much as possible work with safe and trusted others who have travelled the road of healing or who have been on the road for some time. This is especially important when beginning the journey of healing. The Presence of others is a powerful way to awaken your intellect to your Presence within. The Being of others touches the Love, Life, Existence, Presence and Truth within you.