It is not uncommon for a person’s life to unravel when faced with extreme stress or trauma. Dr. Dennis Murphy’s primary mission in life is to help people find healing. Dennis’s passion is to point people home to Being, so their thoughts and emotions align with Truth—the Truth of who they “really” Are. Dennis knows there is no single approach to healing, but he is convinced all forms of healing and all therapists can benefit from his insights. His books can dramatically shorten the journey to living a life of happiness, joy, peace and wholeness.

Dennis makes his home in the center of Canada and loves writing his books by the water on an island in northwestern Ontario. He’s currently writing his latest books, Heal Through the Power of Being and Daily Bread. Long time healer and spiritual teacher Sister Theresa called his work “Transformational.”

He especially hopes his books can free people from the dragon which creates so much depression, anxiety, addiction, division, isolation, negativity, loneliness, anger, hate, fear and pain. Free of the dragon, people can enjoy every precious moment and live an exceptional life.

Dr. Murphy has a six-year Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree from the Western College of Veterinary Medicine in Canada. He belongs to the Manitoba Veterinary Medical Association and the Canadian Veterinary Medical Association. He graduated from Applied Counselling and Addictions Counselling after studying at the University of Manitoba and Brandon University. He studied Couples Therapy at the University of Winnipeg and General Counselling at the National College of Naturopathic Medicine. Dennis walks the walk. He has been committed to the work of personal growth and healing for over 30 years. To take advantage of his work, sign up to receive emails about his latest insights and new releases.


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